Jamison Jones (tasteof_sadness) wrote,
Jamison Jones

So the new job at Sin is alright. I mostly just keep overly drunk assholes from touching the Strippers, and keep underagers out. You meet some interesting characters working at a strip joint, even just as a bouncer.

One of whom, I had the pleasure to meet, is the lovely Harley. She's got some spunk. (And yes, I mean that as a good thing.) Although she did take an obscene amount of time getting ready to leave at the end of the night. And since I had to wait around to make sure all the strippers got out of there safely, well, I had to wait on her. But then we got to talking, threw back a couple of cold ones, and I didn't get back home until it was nearly dawn.

She's a great girl. I almost couldn't help but empathize towards her for being a stripper. But she is what she is, and I still don't plan on dating a stripper any day soon. Tis a shame too, because she is great. Just.. how can you get serious with someone who strips. Bring her home to meet your parents, "Hey mom, this is Harely, my incredibly hot girlfriend who happens to be a stripper." Yeah... Like I said, dating a stripper? Don't think that will happen any day soon
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