Jamison Jones (tasteof_sadness) wrote,
Jamison Jones

1. Introduction.

I've always stood by the notion that keeping a journal was a good thing. Often when you write, you're pen or pencil - or in the case of an online journal, your fingers - do the talking so to speak. When you look back at your reflections you see things you may not have noticed before, feelings you may not realize you have, or details you may have thought to be forgotten. The human mind is certainly a strange thing, and the subconcious holds the keys to a reality in which no one ever truly knows.

Am I rambling? I have been told I tend to do that. I'm in a new location and figured a new journal would do me good. There was no particular reason for the move, simply that I wanted a new start, some more excitement. So here I am, where's the excitement?

I managed to get a job as a bouncer at Sin City. Who would have guessed I'd work at a strip club considering until I got this job I'd never actually gone to one. Yes I am a guy, and yes I am straight. I just never seemed to see the need of seeing girls shaking their asses in my face, knowing that really, I couldn't have her. (And please, the strippers that do sleep with the random customer for free or for money? I'd rather not have.) So I've never bothered with them. I prefer having someone who is mine to have, hold, and well do other things that may be inappropriate to write about in an online journal. Speaking of which, are there rules of what I can and cannot write? Hm...

Anyway, the name is Jamison. Add me & love me. That's not too much to ask, is it? Oh and AIM? Hit it up: xRockYourWorldxx. I usually have my sidekick on so you should be able to get ahold of me. (Wow. That sounded gay... I really am straight - honest!)

New job, new identity, new life. The agency posted me undercover here in this city, for crime investigations. They have a feeling the recent murder that is currently being investigated has ties that go deep into the underbelly of this community. So, I'm the guy sent to find out everyone's secrets. This should be interesting...
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